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Author: fabgayberry
Word Count: 2,500
Summary: Rachel’s roommate continuously brings her lays of the night into their bedroom, and it drives Rachel mad until one night, she kicks out the girl that her roommate has brought. She ends up roughly taking her roommate.

Author: Astano
Word Count: 2,000
Summary: For a GKM prompt. Santana and Rachel have been cybering with each other without knowing it. Santana figures out it’s Rachel and confronts her.

Author: purrrpickle
Word Count: 3,000
Summary: g!p pezberry for pezberry week 

Anonymous asked:
do you know any other glee strictly smut blogs?

there’s gleefemslash which is mostly smut, but that’s all that comes to mind.

Author: astano
Word Count: 3,500
Summary: She thinks she’s dreaming, the first time she hears it; the soft catch of a breath, coming from Rachel’s side of the room.

Author: kendarrr
Word Count: 9,000
Summary: Quinn is feeling pretty bummed out since she hasn’t been accepted into any of her colleges when her girlfriends are both NY-bound. Santana and Rachel pull some strings, and hazzah, they have a weekend all to themselves. FAPEZBERRY SMUT.

Author: gimmethesticky
Word Count: 12,000
Summary: Finn’s cheated on Rachel so she goes to Santana to get back at him.

Author: bb.pezberry
Word Count: 8,000
Summary: Mike and Matt think it’s funny to lock two girls who hate each other up in a closet. And Rachel? She’d like to prove a point.

Author: smc-27
Word Count: 15,000
Summary: AU in which radio host Rachel and singer Santana are huge internet trolls. 

Author: purrpickle
Word Count: 3,000
Summary: Rachel, while trying to have a civil conversation with her fathers over the phone, has to deal with a very, very amorous Santana.